Our New TScan Machine!

TS Scan

We now have the TScan in our office! TScan is a computerized bite analyzer. The advantage that this gives us is we can actually see the strength of each of the contacts, not just the marks. So, by being able to see the strength, we can determine with great accuracy which teeth are interfering and which are hitting where they should be! We use the TScan with our physiologic dentistry to refinethat bite to ensure we have you in the correct position. We also use the TScan everyday, this allows us to make sure that your bite is correct on any fillings or crowns that we have placed.

The TScan takes the guesswork out, allowing us to know that once we have your bite adjusted, we know that you are in the correct position, you will have minimal issues after we finish! Give us a call to see the TScan in action! Also, for more information, give us a call at (978)-343-4031 and Gabriella will be happy to assist you!

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