Deb S. – Ashburnham, MA

The reception area …is more like someone’s living room, comfortable and without the “dentist office smell”, so I feel relaxed before I enter for my check-up or procedure. Dr. McDowell himself is an excellent dentist, professional and friendly all at the same time; he takes the time to explain procedures and prepares you for everything that he intends to do. He also knows his limitations, and recommends equally excellent local colleagues for additional work (I had to have an implant). His team are also truly wonderful in all respects, friendly, informative and most helpful in all matters, from procedures and cleanings to scheduling and billing. I feel so pampered (blankets and warm neck pillows for longer procedures) that I almost don’t want to leave the office!
In my book, Dr. McDowell and his team are an 11!

Deb S. – Ashburnham, MA

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