The reception area …is more like someone’s living room, comfortable and without the “dentist office smell”, so I feel relaxed before I enter for my check-up or procedure. Dr. McDowell himself is an excellent dentist, professional and friendly all at the same time; he takes the time to explain procedures and prepares you for everything that he intends to do. He also knows his limitations, and recommends equally excellent local colleagues for additional work (I had to have an implant). His team are also truly wonderful in all respects, friendly, informative and most helpful in all matters, from procedures and cleanings to scheduling and billing. I feel so pampered (blankets and warm neck pillows for longer procedures) that I almost don’t want to leave the office!
In my book, Dr. McDowell and his team are an 11!

Deb S. – Ashburnham, MA

Both my husband and I have been patients of Dr. McDowell’s since 1999. We are religious about our dental cleanings and any dental work we need to have done in order to maintain healthy teeth. Over the years, what both my husband and I have commented on is the office staff and how they all work together as a team to provide the best dental care to their patients. It is a pleasure to visit and you get that “warm and fuzzy” feeling from the staff right from the beginning of your appointment. The quality of the work that Dr. McDowell, the dental assistants and the hygienists provide is top notch. On occasion, we have had to be seen on an emergency basis and they always fit us in to their schedule. The business side of the practice is efficient and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

We love the results of the recent renovation of the office!

Marina B., Ashby

A friend of mine who knew how anxious I was about going to the dentist and how long it had been since I had seen a dentist recommended I call Dr. McDowell. From the very first visit I was impressed by how welcoming, encouraging, talented and patient his team was. I have since had a significant amount of dental work done. With each procedure Dr. McDowell always explained exactly what would be done and performed them with minimal discomfort, EVEN A ROOT CANAL! I have complete confidence in his judgement. Today I have a brighter , healthier smile thanks to Dr. McDowell restoring my teeth back to health. If you are at all apprehensive about going to the dentist, my strong advice is to call Dr. McDowell, your will be in exceptional hands!

Jane F. – Leominster, MA

I am blessed that Dr. McDowell was able to help me with the sharp pains in my face and head that would wake me in the night. The pain became so severe that I had to sleep in a sitting position for relief. Muscle palpitation has given me stronger control of my jaws with the support of the Neuromuscular Orthotic to maintain proper alignment. Within 4 months I was relieved from pain, having restful nights, not biting my tongue and cheek when eating and dental care appointments are less stressful. The Orthotic is now part of me day and night. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Brian McDowell and his team.

Gladys L. – Leominster, MA

Dr. McDowell told me what my problem was and he was absolutely right! In just a week, wearing my Neuromuscular Orthotic all the time, the tightness that I have had in my neck for 8 months was completely gone along with the muffled hearing and headaches! I feel great and have already told different people about my experience and will continue to do so. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Claudette P. – Gardner, MA

Thank you for your kindness and patience in helping me with the malalignment of my jaw! The orthotic saved the day, it has made a tremendous positive difference in my daily life!

Chris N. – Fitchburg, MA

Thank you Dr. McDowell for relieving my daily headaches! I now do not deal with pain on a daily basis! I can’t believe how I feel now!!

Shannon S. – Fitchburg, MA

I first started visiting Dr. McDowell nearly 10 years ago, and went because I “had to” with a really bad toothache. I originally chose his office because the advertisement said “gentle dentistry”, and by nature I am a coward. I no longer have those fears, due to a number of reasons.

They are the best!!!!! I have been coming to Dr McDowells office for 10 plus years. Prompt, courteous, and professional services make this practice second to nobody. I highly recommend Dr McDowell and his team.

Rick P.

I have never been in a more relaxed and caring Dentist Office in my life. I have to say that I look forward to seeing everyone in the Office!! Dr.Brian McDowell DDS, LVIF told me all about my jaw and what to expect from treatment. I was so amazed by the education I received the first time I met Dr. McDowell!!!

I would highly recommend this Dental Office to anyone and everyone! The care is amazing!! I have TMJ and am being treated for this now.

Just received my “Mouth piece” and I’m extremely excited to say that this is the first time I can say that I have no pain!!! I can’t wait to go again next week to move forward with my care and treatment to reverse this problem!!

Thanks again Dr. McDowell and staff!!! You are the BEST!!!

Barbara E.

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