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Why do I need a Root Canal? The Tooth Doesn’t Hurt!

We hear this often when we find a tooth that has become infected. Sometimes, people will say the tooth was sensitive, but now doesn’t bother them anymore. And, there are times where the tooth has never bothered the person. An infection at the base of the tooth is called an apical periodontitis. We diagnose this […]

Changing Seasons, Changing Dental Habits!

September brings another change in seasons. We are moving from the relaxed summer to the cooler weather of fall and the beginning of a new school year as well as most getting back into a routine. Routines for your dental health are important! We recommend brushing at least twice, if not three times a day […]


Summer is a time to slow down and reflect on what has been going on… The longer days, the beautiful weather, I begin to think how thankful I am. First, a little more about me, I graduated from dental school 26 years ago. Immediately after graduation, I moved back to my hometown. Over the past […]


“A Reason to Smile”

Brian C McDowell D.D.S. LVIF, co-author of the best selling book, “A Reason To Smile” Blue Ocean Publishing Group has selected Dr. Brian McDowell, DDS, who’s dental practice is in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, to be a contributing author of the upcoming book, “A Reason to Smile.” The book will include contributions from a number of prominent […]


Let’s talk today about dentures. Dentures can have different meanings.Complete dentures are when an entire arch of teeth is being replaced. A partial denture is where one or more teeth are being replaced, but there are still teeth in that arch to help support it. Some of the issues with dentures are support, stability, and […]

Continually Learning

Today, I would like to talk about our continual learning. We have recently attended the Yankee Dental Congress and got to take some amazing classes! The learning not only happens in the classrooms, but talking with our colleagues gives us as much, if not more information that we can take back and put to use […]

Headaches/Sore Neck due to Posture

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s start the new year out talking about how your teeth/jaws can influence your posture. If your bite is in the wrong position – meaning overclosed, off to one side, not level side to side, this will cause extra pressure on the muscles of the head and neck. Each time we […]

What Is Spa Dentistry??

Spa dentistry, to our office, means providing you with as many amenities as we can to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. We are always working to create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere in our office. To accomplish this, we provide many amenities for you to choose from. We have heated neck pillows, […]

Daily Preventative Care

As we approach the middle of summer, we all hopefully are able to begin to relax a little more, slow down to enjoy the longer, warmer days. Daily routines have a tendency to slip a little during these times, which is fantastic as our daily, hectic lives slow somewhat. But, your daily oral hygiene is […]


REGULAR CHECK-UPS Do you know that along with cleaning your teeth and checking for cavities, there are a number of other things that we check? These include: Oral Cancer Gum Health Bite Changes Dry Mouth Signs of Other Diseases Diabetes Autoimmune Diseases Sleep Apnea/Snoring Whitening As we approach the summer and wedding season, we are […]

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